Asia Zebracka, Birthe Harms, Chayenne

Morning tousles my hair brightly but ever sinking towards twilight, decisions numerous and all avoided. A loose fitting earth tone red complements a brown ribbed tank.

Asia Zebracka

Setting for an overdose. I became left alone with these cool silver leggings all for naught. Speak through my eyes. The cold damp chill of this forgotten back room is heavy like remorse. Can you hear them? Their footsteps along the floor, worn down daily with their tread. Now no more but they call to those nearing the end. Setting for an inverted prayer.

Birthe Harms

Dining and reclining at ease. Honey tone form-fitting stretch top secured by a lone metal bangle, brown patterned skirt and matching thick leggings – this could be the dead of winter. Mysterious food and dipping sauce, perhaps a cup of tea on the table.



Help Wanted – Harry Bennett Cover Art

my love-haunted heart

Harry Bennett artwork

Alex Henzel has emailed me this lovely piece of artwork crying out for a gothic romance to call its own. The artist is Harry Bennett, an award-winning painter and illustrator who created over 1,000 covers and illustrations during his career as a commercial artist.

I have quite a few Fawcett Crest novels (mostly written by Victoria Holt, Susan Howatch, Phyllis Whitney and Mary Stewart) that feature Harry Bennett covers but I don’t recognise this one. The more I look at it though, the more it’s ringing bells for me somewhere – I’m sure there must be a deliciously creepy tale behind this eerie threesome!

Harry Bennett close upThe piece could be a preliminary sketch for a more complete work and it’s beautiful. Harry Bennett has a very distinctive style – the lush sweep of a dress or cloak, the brooding, shadowed expressions combined with a vivid use of light and dark are all…

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